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Perfect for Organizing Laundry: A Dresser Made of Laundry Baskets

Scared you’ll trip on mountains of clothes in your laundry room? This blogger got creative with a personalized basket organization system.

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Laundry basket dresser

The laundry baskets in this dresser keep kids' clothes organized. All images in this post: Brook from

We’re psyched to show you the basket dresser that Brook, goddess of the Being Brook blog, built for her laundry room to corral her family’s Mount Kilimanjaro of clean clothes.

“This might be my favorite thing I’ve ever made,” Brook raved after using the dresser, which consists of a wood frame and 12 plastic laundry baskets.

Look at how simple yet functional it is. And I love the Tiffany-esque blue paint (actually Behr’s Teal Zeal) — a classy touch.

Build It and the Clothes Will Come

This dresser is a snap to build from plans drawn up by Ana White (plans are her thing). It consists of three rectangular boxes with slats that support the baskets and let them slide in and out. You can make more or fewer boxes, depending on how much laundry storage you want and stuff you need to sort.

Brook used white 17-by-24-inch baskets (about $3 each). I like the all-white look with nameplates for each child. If your kids are young, buy baskets in different colors, so little ones easily know which is theirs.

Brook gives some super-helpful advice on working with local lumber yards that will cut the wood for you.

  • Bring your plans, so associates can advise on types of wood that would be best.
  • Double-check all your measurements before heading to the store.
  • Save your back and ask salespeople to load the wood into your car.

Brook’s Construction Tips

  • Prime (always prime!) and paint the wood before assembly — it’s a lot easier than after. Then touch up as needed.


  • Invest in a Kreg Jig ($100), which makes drilling pocket holes and assembling furniture a snap.


  • Build with a buddy: You’ll need someone to hold heavy pieces while you screw them together.

And Now, the Numbers

  • Baskets: $36
  • 1-by-2s: $10 (75 cents each)
  • Plywood: $105
  • Paint and primer: $45

Finished dresser

Total: $196 for three dressers. Figure $50-$75 for one.

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lisa-kaplan-gordon Lisa Kaplan Gordon

is an avid gardener, a member of the Fairfax County Master Gardeners Association, and a builder of luxury homes in McLean, Va. She’s been a Homes editor for Gannett News Service and has reviewed home improvement products for AOL. Follow Lisa on Google+.

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