We’re Hooked on This Laundry Room Pegboard

A now-organized and attractive laundry room pegboardAll images in this post: Angela Ploetz, Professional Organizer/Girlfriends Get Organized

A pegboard with pizzazz keeps household tools organized in this blogger’s laundry room.

I hate cleaning, but I love cleaning tools. In fact, I own dozens of brooms, mops, dustpans, and brushes.
The problem is, I don’t have a great way of storing these household helpers. Some hang on hooks in my garage; others live in my laundry room in the space between the dryer and wall.

That’s why I was delighted to read Angela Ploetz’ post on her pegboard broom organizer. Angela made it to corral clutter in her laundry room, and it’s a simple, handy, and handsome solution.

Angela, of Girlfriends Get Organized, is a professional organizer whose stomach actually hurt whenever she looked at the hodgepodge pile of cleaning tools in her laundry room.


Putting hooks on the wall was too humdrum for Angela. So she stapled chevron-patterned cloth to a rectangular pegboard (2-by-4-ft., $30); screwed the pegboard to a frame, and laid out her brooms, dustpans, and baskets on the board before poking holes in the fabric for hooks.


The pegboard is the “jewel” of Angela’s laundry room, which made the rest of space look even sadder. So, she decided to spruce up the shelves, which were two lonely planks piled with plastic bins, cleaning supplies, and an iron.

Shelves before

First, Angela added a low shelf for more storage space. Then, she covered cardboard with that pretty chevron fabric to make inserts that gave her clear plastic bins a dash of style.

She chose green-and-white bins and baskets (6.5-qt. bins; 8 for $28) to match the fabric and unify the room, and affixed labels that are fun and functional.

Decorated baskets

The result? A happy, mood-elevating laundry room with a place for everything (and everything in its place).

Shelf reveal

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