3 Great Laundry Room Upgrades: Which One do You Wish You Had?

Laundry organization ideasAll three of these projects will make your laundry room stylish — but which is your favorite? Images: Brook from BeingBrook.com; Laura from Inspiration for Moms; Angela Ploetz, Professional Organizer from Girlfriends Get Organized

Vote for your favorite laundry room organization project or two, and please share a picture of your own sad or saved laundry room in our comments section.

Elegant drying rack: This Inspiration For Moms tutorial teaches you how to make an expensive-looking, wall-mounted drying rack for only $55.

Drying rack

Credit: Laura from Inspiration for Moms

Pegboard organizer: You’ll never again leave mops lying around your laundry room floor after you build this pegboard organizer featured in a Girlfriends Get Organized post.


Credit: Angela Ploetz, Professional Organizer/Girlfriends Get Organized

Laundry basket dresser: Being Brook’s dresser, made from wood and laundry baskets, makes sorting and putting away clean clothes faster and easier.

Laundry basket dresser

Credit: Brook from BeingBrook.com

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