Wanted: Maid to Draw The Queen’s Bath. How Veddy, Veddy ‘Downton Abbey’

Buckingham Palace Buckingham Palace has a want ad for a housekeeping assistant. Could you run the Queen's bath? Image: David Iliff (License: CC-BY-SA 3.0)

Buckingham Palace is looking for a housekeeping assistant to draw baths for the royal family. Here’s how the palace can prevent a “Downton Abbey” moment and prevent any slip-ups in the bathroom.

We’ve been glued to PBS’ “Downton Abbey,” not only because it’s a delicious soap opera about British aristocrats and their servants during World War I, but because we always get some great housekeeping tips: Feather dusters are still best for making your crystal chandeliers shine.

However, after watching this drama, we’re a tad anxious about whom Buckingham palace will hire as its new housekeeping assistant, who will draw the bath for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. As “Downton Abbey” watchers know, those personal maids can be quite scheming. Remember what happened to the Duchess of Grantham in her bath? (No spoilers here, in case you’re a bit behind).

To make sure there’s no foul play during bath time, we advise the palace to do the following:

  • Make sure bathroom grab bars are properly anchored.

Any other tips for the new housekeeping assistant?