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5 Inventive Ideas We Found on Instagram To Boost Bath Equity

Try wall-mounted faucets to add precious space to a tiny bath.

Updated bathroom with wall-mounted fixtures
Image: Ruth Matthews of Design Soda

The best bathroom updates aren't just easy on the eye: They make life easier — and they add to your home's value.

For inspiration, check out these #bathroomrenovation ideas from Instagram that pack style, function, and a whole lotta equity into one little room.

#1 A Doorless Shower Design

Um, hey. The shower head in this sweet bath is hanging out there with no tub or enclosure below it.

It's not an oversight.

With this liberating doorless shower design, there are no door tracks to clean (or trip over), no glass panels to bang your knee on, or mildewy shower curtains to wipe off. #loveit!

To drain your suds properly, you'll need a slightly sloped floor in the shower area, great drainage, and probably a skilled contractor to make it all work.

#2 Budget Bath Update

A complete bathroom do-over can run $30,000! But you don't have to risk defaulting on your student loan to get an oo-la-la before-and-after.

Keep as much of your bathroom's pricey bones in place as possible — in this Instagrammer's makeover, the wall tile, tub, and shower were keepers.

Before a budget bathroom update

That brought the cost of this DIY project to just $3,000, which covered a new vanity, mirror, flooring, lighting, window treatments, and paint.

#3 Wall-Mounted Faucets

Got a tiny bath? Get a little extra elbow room by mounting sink fixtures on the wall. (And without those tight crevices around the faucet to navigate, cleaning your sink will be a lot less awkward.)

Wall-mounting can cost a bit more, and may require additional insulation (especially if it's on an exterior wall), but isn't any bit of extra room in a small bathroom worth it?

#4 Attic Conversion to a Bathroom

If you're constantly juggling for bathroom time, the peacekeeping solution could be right overhead: your attic can serve a higher purpose as an extra bath.

To save thousands, situate it above an existing bath or kitchen so you don't have to redirect plumbing lines.

And look at all the built-in character that sloping roofline adds to the space that'll surely wow future buyers.

#5 Built-In Shower Shelf

Speaking of built-in character, you can build some into your shower with a little between-the-studs magic — which comes with the added benefit of a better-functioning bathroom.

If you already have plans to gut your shower surround, recessed shelving is an easy add to the project. (Just think, no more gunky shower caddies!)

Adding niches during construction won't add much to your budget or schedule, but the result is sure to add to your home value (and Instagram ♥s).

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