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A Drying Rack to Die For

Ever think your sterile, messy laundry room could be a cozy, welcoming place? This DIY drying rack adds a touch of personality.

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Drying rack made by blogger

Laura built this drying rack for just $55. All images in this post: Laura from Inspiration for Moms

My own laundry room is where beauty and creativity go to die — it’s blinding white, a hodgepodge of buckets and cleaning products, and barely big enough to store a couple of hampers.

That’s why I’m doing backflips over Inspiration For Moms‘ tutorial on how to make a wall-mounted drying rack.

Take a look at this beauty, which could solve your clothes-drying problems and save energy, too. Laura (the blogger) designed it herself and built it for only $55.

I’m sooooo jealous!

Drying rack full

How She Did It

The 24-by-41-inch drying rack is made of birch boards, dowel rods, and magnets. Bead-board wallpaper adds a classy touch (if you don’t want to mess with wallpaper and glue, use peel-and-stick wallpaper instead).

Laura constructed the rack in a few easy steps. She spray-painted the finished product, attached D-rings to the back, and hung it on the wall.

She bought some letters at a crafts store and glued the word “LAUNDRY” to a board, and glued the board to the top of the rack — a nice topper for a sweet project.

More Laundry Room Upgrades

The drying rack is just one cool touch among many in Laura’s redesigned laundry room, which started out as a builder’s special with one lonely cabinet and some wire shelving. Here’s what it looked like before the redo:

Drying rack before

And here’s the finished product — a sophisticated, delicious space that makes me want to fluff and pretreat.

Drying rack room

My favorite parts:

  • Two shelves that link the cabinets — what a smart idea.
  • Valspar’s “Simply Aqua” turquoise paint on the walls. Who says a laundry room has to be white?
  • A wicker basket that holds sock widows.
  • 4-arm light fixture for $40 on sale.
  • Cute lamp for late-night laundry chores.
  • Framed drawing with caption, “As I do more laundry, nudists seem less crazy.” How funny is that?

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Now, vote for your favorite!

Got a fantastic laundry room? Inspire us in the comments section below.

lisa-kaplan-gordon Lisa Kaplan Gordon

is an avid gardener, a member of the Fairfax County Master Gardeners Association, and a builder of luxury homes in McLean, Va. She’s been a Homes editor for Gannett News Service and has reviewed home improvement products for AOL. Follow Lisa on Google+.

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