Posh potty particulars

Many of the fancy features come built into the seat itself:

  • Uplifting moments. A motion detector senses when you approach to quietly raise the lid and lower it when you step away.
  • Bun warmer. If you’ve ever received an icy reception from a toilet seat, you’ll love the toasty welcome from a seat with a built-in warmer.
  • Paper-free society. Sprays and fountains offer adjustable pressures and pulsations to provide comfortable (and thorough!) cleanup, front and back.
  • Fanny fan. No need to drip dry. Turn on the fan to generate a breeze for your backside.
  • Glowing reports. LED lighting sets the seat or bowl interior aglow as a handy nightlight.
  • Scent-sational. A built-in automatic deodorizer keeps the bathroom fresh and clean smelling.
  • No-touch flush. Sensors flush the toilet automatically when the time is right.
  • Clean living. High pressure flushing technology, rimless designs, and space-age materials make these futuristic toilets ultra-hygienic and virtually self-cleaning.

3 innovative models

  • Jane Jetson would shop for this Kohler C3 toilet seat that promises loads of bottom-line pampering. Equipped with two separate water nozzles for front and back, the heated seat also features a warm air dryer, deodorizer, and a lighted bowl. Prices start at $983.
  • Venus was the vacation hot spot for the Jetsons, but you can create a spalike setting at home with Toto’s Washlet S400. The seat delivers automatic flushes and lifts and lowers the lid. Other features include front and rear washing, massage, warm air drying, and heated seat (both with adjustable temperature)—all controlled with wireless remote control. The seat sells for $1,073.
  • Push-button convenience was big in the Sky Pad Apartments, and you can have that same space-age convenience with four user presets on the Coco 9500R seat. The settings let you personalize your experience with all-adjustable oscillating water pressure, spray position, and temperatures for the seat, water, and air dryer. The model also offers a soft-closing lid and seat as well as a deodorizer. Prices start at $459.