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Author Profiles

Lisa Kaplan Gordon

is an avid gardener, a member of the Fairfax County Master Gardeners Association, and a builder of luxury homes in McLean, Va. She’s been a Homes editor for Gannett News Service and has reviewed home improvement products for AOL. Follow Lisa on Google+.


Lights over bathroom sink


Bathroom Lighting: The Right Lights Can Make You Look Beautiful (and Smart!)

It’s easy to fall in love with a steam shower or vessel sink when you redo your bathroom — but good lighting is one of the best places to spend your money. Read More

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When’s the Best Time to Plant Trees?

Plant trees at the right time and they’re more likely to thrive. Here’s when to plant so you get the most value from your landscaping investment. Read More

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See Why Saltwater Pools Can Be So Much Better Than Traditional Pools

Safe, low-odor saltwater pools are gaining in popularity. Could you have saltwater in your future? Read More

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Are Soundproof Windows Worth the Money?

Is outside noise driving you crazy? Soundproof windows could be the solution — or you might do better with some less-costly alternatives. Read More

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How to Design Your Landscaping to Protect Against Wildfires and Other Disasters

Great landscaping is more than the pretty face of your home — it can be the first line of defense between you and natural disaster. Read More

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Front Yard Patios Add Livability and Curb Appeal

The marriage of front porches with backyard patios has spawned the front yard patio. Here’s how this outdoor trend takes advantage of valuable real estate and enhances neighbor relations. View slideshow

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Getting the Most Value Out of Your Outdoor Spaces

Upgrading your outdoor spaces? Here are upgrades that landscape architects rate as most popular. Read More

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Landscaping Do’s and Don’ts When You Have a Dog

Your dog may be your best friend, but he’s not your yard’s BFF. Here are some guidelines to help you all get along. Read More

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The 8 Most Financially Savvy Home Improvements You Can Make

These budget-friendly home improvements will help you enjoy your home more today — and sell it for the most value tomorrow. Read More

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