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Author Profiles

Jan Soults Walker

Nationally published home improvement writer Jan Soults Walker has more than 30 years' experience, remodeling several of her own homes and reporting on everything from kitchen sinks to luxurious mansions. Even now, a deck of paint chips still makes her heart sing.


Savvy Closet Organization Tips and Tricks

Store more and organize better with these helpful hints to max out your closet’s potential. View slideshow

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Why Laminate Kitchen Countertops Deserve a Second Look

Laminate kitchen countertops offer durability and style at a price lower than any other material. It’s a worthy contender if you have a limited budget. Read More

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Garage Organization Ideas for Under $50

If clutter trumps cars in your garage, get organized (and make room for your vehicles) with these smart garage storage solutions, each costing less than $50. Read More

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How to Pick Paint Colors

Paint has remodeling power when you use it to emphasize a room’s best features or play down the flaws. Read More

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Easy, Budget-Friendly Ceiling Ideas

Things are looking up when you give ceilings a makeover. Here are ceiling ideas that boost architectural beauty, add great style, and cover flaws. Read More

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What to Do If Your House is Haunted

Spooky sounds and weird lights got you thinking your house is haunted? Here’s how to deal with your paranormal pals. Read More

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Carpet or Laminate: Which Is Best for You?

Compare the characteristics of carpeting and laminate and you might make carpeting your BFFF — best flooring friend forever. Read More

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How to Bear-Proof Your Property

Bears are big, strong, curious — and usually hungry. Here’s how to bear-proof your house and keep them from showing up as uninvited dinner guests. Read More

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How to Remodel and Keep Your Marriage Together

Remodeling can be chaotic, cluttered, sawdusty, noisy, costly, and stressful. So can marriage. Here’s how to keep your marriage from ending up in the Dumpster. Read More

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5 Porch Pick-Me-Ups Under $500

Want to put a little pep in your porch? Here are 5 budget-friendly ways to add value and get more enjoyment out of your front-facing outdoor space. Read More

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