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Author Profiles

G. M. Filisko

is an attorney and award-winning writer. A frequent contributor to publications including Bankrate, REALTOR Magazine, and the American Bar Association Journal, she specializes in real estate, personal finance, and legal topics.


9 Easy Mistakes Homeowners Make on Their Taxes

Don’t rouse the IRS or pay more taxes than necessary — know the score on each home tax deduction and credit. Read More

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Should Your HOA Manage Itself or Hire a Professional Manager?

Does your community need a professional HOA manager or can volunteers handle the load? Read More

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Foreclosure Counselors: What They Can and Can’t Do

Foreclosure counselors can make the difference between losing your home and keeping it. Here’s how they work and how to choose one. Read More

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7 Ways to Have an Eco-Friendly Christmas

With a few conscious choices, your merry Christmas can also be an eco-friendly Christmas. Read More

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LED Holiday Lights: 6 Need-to-Know Tips

LED holiday lights vs. old-fashioned bulbs: 6 tips to help you decide which is right for you. Read More

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Real Christmas Trees vs. Fake Christmas Trees: Which are Greener?

How do real Christmas trees and fake Christmas trees stack up when it comes to the environment and cost? We’ve got the dirt. Read More

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Is Mortgage Life Insurance Right for You?

Mortgage life insurance pays off your mortgage when you die. This—the payoff, not dying—sounds good, but it has major drawbacks, which can outweigh the benefits. Read the fine print before taking out your checkbook. Read More

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Foreclosure Help: 5 Pros You Need on Your Team

Know which experts provide foreclosure help—often at no cost to you—and how to find them. Read More

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Renting Out Your Home? Get Landlord Insurance

If you’re renting out your home, it might not be covered by home owners insurance, so look into landlord insurance instead. Read More

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