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has written about personal finance for more than decade for Dow Jones Newswires, the Wall Street Journal, and Fox Business News. She's currently a freelance writer with her own home office.


Tax Deductions for Rental Homes

Although being a landlord certainly has its cons, tops among its pros are the tax deductions rental homeowners enjoy. Read More

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Tax Credits for Solar Water Heaters

A federal tax credit makes energy-efficient solar water heaters a more affordable and sustainable option for many homeowners. Read More

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How to Claim Your Energy Tax Credits

In addition to the smaller utility bills energy-efficient home system upgrades offer, there’s a not-too-shabby federal tax credit, too. Read More

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Tax Deductions for Vacation Homes

Tax deductions for vacation homes vary greatly depending on how much you use the home and whether you rent it out. Read More

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Did You Sell Your Home After Making Improvements?

Keeping track of the cost of capital improvements to your home can really pay off on your tax return when it comes time to sell. Read More

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2 Deduction Options When You Work From Home

Like things easy? The new simplified home office deduction may be your salvation from the long form. But you might not save as much the easy way. Read More

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Help for Homeowners Who Are Behind on Mortgage Payments

The Making Home Affordable program offers at-risk homeowners a chance to modify mortgages to avoid foreclosure on their homes. Read More

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Want to Refinance Your Mortgage But You’re Being Turned Down?

The federal program HARP might be able to help you. Here’s how it works. Read More

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Tax Credits for Residential Fuel Cells

While residential fuel cells are as expensive as they are energy efficient, a federal tax credit could entice more home owners to give the green technology a try. Read More

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Tax Credits for Small Wind Energy Systems

An uncapped tax credit makes a sustainable small wind energy system more financially feasible for some green-leaning and penny-pinching home owners. Read More

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