99-Cent Store Solution #4: Loose Cabinet Hinge

Fixing a cabinet hinge with a screwdriver A loose cabinet door can be fixed with just $3 and a trip to the dollar store. Image: JOHNGOMEZPIX/iStockphoto

Yesterday we showed you how to handily repair drywall for $10 in case Charlie Sheen drops by your place. But back to reality.

If one of your kitchen cabinets is hanging on for dear life thanks to all the opening, closing, and slamming it endures (you probably have teenagers or a husband), you can fix that loose hinge in a very MacGyver kind of way.


  • Wooden matches, 99 cents
  • Wood glue, 99 cents
  • Hammer, 99 cents

Total: $2.97

What you do:

  • Remove the cabinet hinge screw.
  • Dab wood glue on a match and stick it into the screw holes.
  • Tap it in with the hammer.
  • Break off the match part that’s sticking out.
  • Let the glue dry for about 4 hours.
  • Twist the screw back into place. The match piece will create a new solid base for the screw. Poof.

Tomorrow’s 99-cent store solution: Fixing a stripped screw.

What other inexpensive home fixes have you found or tried?