99-Cent Store Solution #2: Torn Window Screen

Cat ripping screen
Torn screens are a nuisance, but an easy solution can be found for under $2. Image: Donald_Gruener/iStockphoto

Get rid of one of life’s greatest annoyances for less than a buck.

Among the things that make us nuts:

  • An empty carton of milk in the fridge
  • A flat tire

No need for a handyman or a replacement screen.

You’ll find the right bug deterrent at the 99-cent store, if it’s not already on hand in your bathroom cabinet. But going to the dollar store is fun — you never know what you’ll find. Like cheap soda.


  • Clear nail polish, 99 cents
  • Two slightly dented cans of soda, 99 cents
  • Total: $1.98

What you do:

  • Apply the clear nail polish on both sides of the torn area. Slather it on so it builds up a nice barrier.
  • Watch it dry transparently.
  • Enjoy your soda.


Harmon Leon
Harmon Leon

Harmon Leon is a journalist, comedian, and filmmaker. His other stories have appeared in Esquire, Stuff, Salon, NPR’s, This American Life, Details, Maxim, Cosmopolitan, and Wired.