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4 Doable Spring Cleaning Tips for People With Lots of Stuff

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One even includes wine. Sign us up.

You hate to get rid of anything, because what if you need it later? And yet, if you did need it, you'd never find it among all the other stuff you've held onto. (And, hey, there is such a thing as good clutter.)

Now's the time to do some strategic (read: non-overwhelming) purging and organizing, so you can make life easier on yourself — without pitching all your goodies.

#1 Clear Out Your Bathroom Cabinet

This is a good place to get your spring-cleaning mojo going. It's not too big, nor too small a project for a rewarding payoff of more storage space.

Expired medications and outdated cosmetics can take up some seriously prime real estate in the bathroom, and can even be hazardous to your health if you were to actually use them. (Can you believe mascara can start sprouting bacteria after just THREE months? That's not pretty.)

#2 Purge Just One Room

Pick one room. Just one. And take your time there. Look through every closet and drawer and pull out anything you can live without to trash, recycle, or donate.

The goal isn't to end up with as little stuff as possible, but to have fewer things — and a little more room in your storage spaces.

If you have the gumption to tackle another room when you're done, awesome. If not, next week, next month, next year.

#3 Watch for Duplicates (and Get Rid of Them)

While you're looking through drawers and closets (or just going about your day), keep an eye out for storage-clogging multiples. Because unless you're a competitive potato salad maker, seven peelers is about five peelers too many.

#4 Host a "Ditch 'n' Wine Night"

Trying to purge, but have a pile items you just can't decide if you can let go? Invite a friend over for a little wine and decision-making support on what should stay and what must go.

"It is much easier to organize for other people, and having someone with you can help you make realistic decisions instead of emotional ones," says Alyssa Trosclair, a professional organizer with Centsibly Organized.

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