Wanted: Home Owners Willing to Give Shelter to Geeks

Would you let the next Mark Zuckerberg live with you?

Would you let a tech geek couch surf rent-free in your home for three months?
If you said, “Heck, yeah” and live in Kansas City, Mo., or Kansas City, Kan., you’re in luck.
Kansas City Hacker Homes is looking to boost the area’s business community with a few thriving start-ups. But first it needs to woo tech talent; the geek-home owner matchmaking group is hoping a little Midwestern hospitality will be enough to sweeten the pot.

It’s asking local home owners to provide a spare bedroom to out-of-town tech entrepreneurs, who want to take advantage of Google Fiber, the high-speed network that the tech giant is rolling out in the KCs.

Interested techies will receive three months rent-free in a Google Fiber-connected home, though the home owner doesn’t have to be on the hook for meals.
So what’s in it for those who agree to open their homes as hacker hosts? Well, no one is promising free stock options, but you might get a warm, fuzzy feeling from nurturing the local startup community.

Would you share your home with a perfect stranger? Or do you think the idea is nuts even if you could be responsible for helping the next Mark Zuckerberg? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.