Williams-Sonoma Jumps Onto Homegrown Bandwagon

Williams-Sonoma has crossed the threshold from kitchen products to garden products. Does that indicate the homegrown movement has gone mainstream?

If you had any doubts that the DIY food movement has gone mainstream, then Williams-Sonoma’s new Agrarian line of garden, beekeeping, cheese-making, and mushroom-growing items may make you a believer.

The posh and pricey seller of kitchenware has stepped outside the kitchen and introduced products for “connecting the virtues of the homegrown and homemade to your everyday table,” the Agrarian website says.

The retailer seems to be occupying the upscale, urban farmer territory once claimed by Smith & Hawken, before Target bought the brand and scaled down prices.

Some examples from Williams-Sonoma’s new product list:

  • Backyard Beehive and Starter Kit: $499.95, complete with bee brush but not bees
  • DIY Cheese-Making Kits to make your own mozzarella or goat cheese: $25-$29.
  • Copper Hand Trowel that deposits small amounts of copper into the soil to fight bugs: $58.95
  • 490 feet of garden twine in a retro tin: $14.95 (Although you can buy about 600 feet of twine at Lowes for about $7; punch a hole in the top of a coffee can, and you’ve got your retro tin — although it’s not as cute as theirs.)

Of course, if you’re a resourceful home owner you won’t pay hefty prices for these kits and tools in trendy packaging. But for those with a little more disposable income in need of some inspiration to start growing their own food, Agrarian just might be the ticket. Plus, we wouldn’t mind getting one or two as gifts.

Are you already onboard the homegrown bandwagon? Do you believe it’s now a mainstream movement?