A Perfect Walk-In Pantry Makeover

Honey + Fitz's before and after pantry makeover
Image: Honey + Fitz

Adjustable shelves and a rolling cart for baking supplies keep this large pantry in line.

Like most of us, Dina likes every space in her home to be pretty and organized. But her walk-in pantry was neither, something that grated on her nerves every time she walked into it.

Here’s what Dina hated about her old pantry:

  • Four stationary, plastic-coated wire shelves — who wants shelves you can’t adjust?
  • Super-tall items, such as her KitchenAid mixer, could live only on the floor.
  • Wasted vertical space, because shelves fell 3 feet short of her 9-foot ceiling. Ever try to store and retrieve something 6 feet in the air? Not fun.

So, stealing a little renovation time when she could (while baby was napping), she began to plan storage solutions for her dream pantry.

Shelves on the Move

Dina’s top priority was having adjustable shelves. That meant installing tracks that let her move shelves up or down according to the size of tomato sauce jars and cereal boxes.

Adjustable shelving in the redone pantry

Ever penny-wise, Dina bought all the shelving components ($763) during an 30% off sale at the Container Store. She chose attractive, solid shelves for the “first impression” wall opposite the entry door. She also used shelf separators to define space for her muffin tins and baking sheets.

New Home For The Mixer

Dina was obsessed with finding a functional home for her huge mixer. So, she carved out a niche in her pantry for a rolling cart. The cart has become her all-purpose baking station, with mixer, flour, sugar, and other essentials always at hand.

Rolling baking cart in remodeled pantry

When Dina feels a cookie-baking urge coming on, she only has to pull the cart into the kitchen; when she’s finished, she pushes the cart back into its spot — it makes her “insanely happy.”

More Touches We Love

  • IKEA towel, tablecloth, and bib holder that folds flat against the wall, taking up very little space.
  • Carpet tiles that make the space look cozy and finished.
  • Using the pantry as a display space for Dina’s collection of milk glass cake pedestals.
  • Pull-out wire bins that corral small items.
  • Tiffany blue(ish) paint on the walls, which makes the pantry look special.

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