4 Clever Problem-Solvers for Messy Pantries

Set up an easy system to keep food from hiding on you.

Pantries seem like a good idea at first, but before long they can become the kitchen’s equivalent of a disorganized closet. 

If your pantry is headed in that direction, these four projects from some of our favorite bloggers could help you remake your pantry into an organized haven.

Then vote for your favorite, and see which pantry makeover is the most popular with our readers.

A Lazy Susan Pantry

This is a very clever idea — using Lazy Susans to make items in hard-to-reach corners accessible. 

"Decorchick" installed six carousels to display food that once hid in pantry corners. Although she and her dad made the carousels, you can buy versions at any home improvement store.

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A Blackboard Pantry for Only $50

A thrifty military wife, "11 Magnolia Lane’s" blogger, turned a cupboard into a practical and whimsical closet-style pantry, complete with polka dot trim and blackboard paint — all for only $50. 

Most of that $50 was spent on glass containers, so you could probably do it for less.

Chalkboard paint on the inside of pantry doors

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An Adjustable Pantry

Another smart idea, this one from blogger "Honey & Fitz": Remove the standard homebuilder’s plastic-coated wire shelves and replace them with easy-to-adjust sturdy wood-and-steel shelves.

By making the shelves adjustable, "Honey & Fitz" created room for a rolling baking station that stores a mixer and baking supplies.

Adjustable shelves in a pantry

Read more about the adjustable pantry.

No Pantry? No Problem.

The now-you-see-it, now-you-don’t pantry is a great solution for kitchens with no pantry or limited storage space. It’s an easy, low-cost DIY project from "Classy Clutter."

Get the details on the rolling pantry.

Vote for your favorite pantry project, and see which is the most popular with our readers. Then check out our other smart storage solutions.

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