Kitchen Sink Ideas

Here’s how to choose a kitchen sink you won’t regret.

To buy a single or double kitchen sink
Image: HouseLogic

As you ponder the myriad of kitchen sink ideas out there — farmhouse sink, stainless steel sink, porcelain sink — the most difficult choice usually comes down to a debate homeowners revisit every time they remodel their kitchen: single sink vs. double sink.

Here's an infographic and specific tips to help you choose a kitchen sink you'll love.

Kitchen sink ideas infographic
Image: Shannon Lattin for HouseLogic

How to Choose a Kitchen Sink: Single vs. Double

Choose the wrong kitchen sink, and you'll never be satisfied with your kitchen remodel.  These pros and cons will help you choose between a single sink and double sink:

Pros of Single Sink

  • They can handle very large items since a single sink is usually larger than the basins in double-sink versions.
  • You can use a plastic tub in a single sink to replicate a double sink when you need one.

Cons of Single Sink

  • You can't use the garbage disposal when you've got the sink full of dirty dishes.
  • You don't have an extra basin that can double as a drainboard, saving valuable counter space.

Pros of a Double Sink

  • You have two drains so one can be dedicated for the garbage disposal and the other can be full of soapy water.
  • One sink can serve as a drainboard when you've got a lot of hand-washing to do.

Cons of a Double Sink

  • Can't handle large items easily, making them difficult to clean.
  • The basin divider takes up valuable space.