Are Washing Machines Becoming Too Darn Smart?

Wi-i washer/dryer will ping your phone This Samsung washer/dryer lets you start, stop, and change cycles remotely via an Android app. Image: Samsung

Samsung’s new Wi-Fi washer/dryer will ping your phone when your unmentionables are clean. Do we remotely need that?

We’ve finally reached our high-tech threshold — that line in the Wi-Fi sand that says, “Enough is enough with the pings and dings and swooshes that constantly tell us who’s online, and what’s in our email box.”

Now, Samsung wants to ping us when our whites are washed. The company recently introduced its WF457 Wi-Fi washer and dryer that, via an Android app, lets you start, stop, or change cycles remotely, and will alert you when it’s time to fluff and fold.

And we need this why? Have machine buzzers suddenly vanished? Is there a reason to know that our wash is done when we’re shopping for dinner? When we’re in a budget meeting, do we urgently need to start the spin cycle?

Now, granted, there is a certain cool fun factor. But how long before the novelty of your washer pinging you wears off?

Are you getting sick of remote madness? Would you buy a Wi-Fi washing machine?