LG Electronics and Kenmore Elite Gas Dryers Recalled — Fire Hazard

Gas clothes dryers recalled These dryers' gas valves can fail to shut off completely, creating a fire hazard. Image: CPSC

The CPSC is recalling 21,000 gas dryers that can pose a smoke and fire hazard.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is recalling 21,000 LG Electronics and Kenmore Elite Gas Dryers that pose a burn, fire and smoke inhalation hazard.

The dryers’ gas valves can fail to shut off property and continue to heat clothes after the drying cycle is complete. High temperatures can scorch the drum and burn contents, causing smoke and fire.

LG Electronics and Sears have received 141 consumer complaints about the dangerous dryers; three reports of minor burns to hands or arms and 50 reports about burnt or scorched clothing.

The recalled dryers were sold nationwide from November 2009 through August 2010 for $650 to $1,500.

If you own a recalled dryer, turn off the gas supply and stop using it until it is repaired.

  • Owners of a recalled LG Electronics dryer should contact LG customer service (click on Public Notices) for a free gas valve replacement.
  • Customers who bought a recalled dryer from Sears should contact Sears customer service (click on Product Recalls under Customer Service.)