4 Dramatic Bath Makeovers That Cost How Much?!

Collage of budget bathroom makeover projectsImage: Penny Love Projects

Remodeling ideas that will give your bathroom a stylish splash with minimal cash.

You’re not alone in thinking that remodeling your outdated bathroom requires a hefty investment. After all, a pro bathroom remodel can run well over $10,000. But with a little ingenuity — and if you’re willing to put in the time — you can create a fresh, functional space for a lot less than you expect. 

Check out these four value-adding blogger projects.

1. Powder Blue Powder Room

Powder blue powder room with plank wallsImage: Penny Love Projects

Crystal, the frugal DIY enthusiast behind “Penny Love Projects,” created a guest bathroom she could be proud of for less than $250. She:

  • Revamped the walls using 5-inch planks that she cut from 4-foot-by-8-foot sheets
  • Added new molding and trim around the window, door, and planked walls
  • Painted the walls using a custom color she created by mixing paint leftover from other household projects
  • Installed a new light fixture
  • Scrapped the old wood floor and installed 6-inch square marble tiles
  • Covered the bathroom window with privacy film

Get the deets in her tutorial.

Tip: Lighting is expensive. Save money by repurposing an outdoor light fixture for your bathroom like Crystal did.

2. From Frumpy to Sophisticated for $300

We can’t believe that this sophisticated upgrade only cost about $300. Sabrina, the remodeler behind “Pink Little Notebook,” completely transformed a boring, builder-grade bathroom with texture, color, and practical storage. She:

  • Installed a new wood floor using planks she had on hand
  • Added visual interest to walls using shoe molding left over from her kitchen renovation
  • Swapped out the old sink for a snazzy new one from Ikea
  • Built a vanity for the new sink that included additional bathroom storage
  • Added a light fixture
  • Created a faux box molding ceiling using pre-cut MDF slats and textured wallpaper
  • Painted the ceiling and walls in bold contrasting colors

Get all the details here.

Tip: Inexpensive, textured wallpaper, like the one Sabrina used on her ceiling, is a great way to hide dinged-up or uneven walls without repairing them beforehand.

3. One Update Makes All the Difference

New dark bathroom vanity improves the space on a budgetImage: Little Nostalgia

Sometimes attending to one eyesore in a room can change the whole picture. Paige from “Little Nostalgia“ reinvented her basement bathroom by simply updating an outdated vanity to complement the bathroom’s existing tile floor and gray walls. And she did it all for less than $200. She:

  • Ditched the yellow vanity countertop for a new white one
  • Updated the faucet
  • Painted the vanity a rich navy blue that color-coordinated better with the floors and walls
  • Replaced the vanity’s outdated hardware with contemporary chrome door pulls
  • Re-caulked around the vanity
  • Added a new mirror that was painted to match the new countertop
  • Freshened up the bathroom walls and trim with paint

See the “before” bathroom and project details here.

Tip: Have a relatively small space to paint? Save money by buying sample-sized paint containers. The paint Paige picked for her vanity costs $65 per gallon. She bought an $8 sample size instead, enough for two coats of paint and future touch-ups.

4. From 1980s Leftover to Modern Day Knockout

Travel-inspired kids bathroomImage: The Heathered Nest

The ‘80s are cool, nostalgically speaking. But not when your bathroom is straight out of 1989. Dave and Heather, the dynamic parenting duo who write “The Heathered Nest,” renovated their full bathroom for less than $2,000. They:

  • Chucked the space-hogging vanity for two floating ones from Ikea
  • Replaced the door leading to the tub with a salvaged, space-saving pocket door
  • Added privacy film to the pocket door window
  • Updated the mirrors
  • Installed a faux-wood porcelain tile floor
  • Resurfaced the tub and the surrounding tile
  • Updated the lighting
  • Added new molding
  • Painted walls and trim

Check out their “before” bath and project details.

Tip: Got zero natural light in an interior bath? Brighten up with strategic bathroom lighting. Dave and Heather installed task and ambient lighting: two hanging barn lights, several recessed lights, and sconces over the vanities. 

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