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10 Tips for a Low-Cost Kitchen Facelift

A kitchen renovation can be among the most expensive home improvement projects, but you don’t have to spend a fortune to whip up your meals in style. Cook up some extra storage, style, and function in your kitchen with these great kitchen design ideas.

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The Hook-Up

How many different things can you hang from a hook? Pot holders, mugs, cooking utensils, recipe clips … the options are endless, and a hook can be placed just about anywhere.


Credit: Siro Designs

Image: Siro Designs
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  • How many different things can you hang from a hook? Pot holders, mugs, cooking utensils, recipe clips … the options are endless, and a hook can be placed just about anywhere.


    Credit: Siro Designs

  • Forget everything you thought you knew about laminate. These countertops from Formica mimic the look of granite without the hefty price tag.


    Credit: Formica Corporation

  • Who says you can’t bend the rules when it comes to kitchen faucets? This Karbon articulating faucet has five pivoting joints that allow you to direct water wherever it needs to go.


    Credit: Kohler

  • For a quick, inexpensive way to add creative accents to your kitchen, replace the knobs, pulls, and hinges on your cabinets. There’s a limitless array of options, and you can finish the job in a weekend.


    Credit: Siro Designs

  • Anyone who’s ever gone rooting through the back of their kitchen cabinets knows a thing or two about the convenience of pull-out shelves. This one from ShelfGenie includes multiple shelves for easy storage of small kitchen accessories and appliances.


    Credit: ShelfGenie® Glide-Out™ Shelving Solutions

  • It’s hard to slice and dice your dinner preparations when you’re working in your own shadow. Solution: Under-cabinet lights shed some light on the subject, putting an end to the dark days of squinting to see what you’re cooking.


    Image: Ivan Hunter/Photodisc/Getty Images

  • You know the drill: If you want something on the bottom of a pile, you have to take everything out to get to it. Not so with stackable wire shelvesthey’ll elevate your storage and possibly your mood.


    Credit: Rubbermaid

  • Storage, that is. Over-the-door hooks often come equipped with holes for pegs or hooks that can hold baskets or racks for additional storage space.


    Credit: Rubbermaid

  • A place for everything, and everything in its place—that’s an old saying you can put into practice with these drawer organizers. The convenience won’t cost you much, either; drawer organizers start at about $3.


    Credit: Rubbermaid

  • This Easy Glider™ from elfa mounts to a shelf with just four screws. Starting at about $18, it turns even the deepest cabinets into easily accessible places.


    Credit: The Container Store

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  • Image: Siro Designs
  • Image: Formica Corporation
  • Image: Kohler
  • Image: Siro Designs
  • Image: ShelfGenie® Glide-Out™ Shelving Solutions
  • Image: Ivan Hunter/Photodisc/Getty Images
  • Image: Rubbermaid
  • Image: Rubbermaid
  • Image: Rubbermaid
  • Image: The Container Store
Modern-styled metal hooks in a kitchen Formica laminate kitchen countertop Karbon articulating kitchen faucet Drawer pulls by Siro Designs ShelfGenie slide-out kitchen shelving Kitchen equipped with under-cabinet lighting Storage rack in kitchen cabinet Over-the-door home kitchen storage Kitchen drawer storage White elfa Easy Glider™ steel in-cabinet shelf