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7 Clever Ways to Maximize Your Home’s Storage Space

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With a little imagination, you can unlock your home’s storage potential. Here are seven clever ideas.

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  • With its now-you-see-it, now-you-don’t ability to magically pop out of walls, the classic Murphy bed is the perfect solution for those who have regular overnight guests but don’t have a spare bedroom. Mechanisms for single Murphy beds start at $700; add about $300 for a basic mattress. Custom cabinetry surrounds are $1,000 and up.


  • Two tall built-in cabinets on either side of this kitchen window create an instant alcove that’s perfect for a comfy window seat banquette for eat-in convenience. You’ll need 20 to 24 inches of depth to create a window seat with enough room for cushions along the back.

    Credit: Flea Market Trixie

  • Your interior walls are hollow, meaning there’s space to be had between the wall studs. You can take advantage with alcoves and niches designed to fit between studs, or make one yourself. But take care when opening up walls — there may be electrical wires and plumbing pipes inside.

    Credit: Photographer Nancy Nolan for At Home in Arkansas magazine

  • By building out the corner of this small study room and adding soffits, this home owner created alcoves that are perfect for tucking away seating and adding modular storage cabinets. There’s even a nook for a reading lamp. Store-bought cabinet units are cheaper storage solutions than built-ins, but with this arrangement, the effect is similar.

    Credit: Peter Pawlak Design Studio - 917.447.4099

  • Needing to separate the living area from a sleeping room (but not allowed to build permanent walls), this enterprising apartment dweller used a freestanding wardrobe closet as a room divider. The side facing the bedroom offers plenty of storage behind sliding doors. Fabric stretched across the back of the wardrobe presents the living room with a fun design element.

    Credit: Groovy Elisa

  • A custom-made laminate shelf, a mirror, and a slide-away stool can turn an unused slice of wall space into an entryway vanity for last-minute wardrobe checks before you head out the door. This shelf may be a mere 6 inches wide, but it’s a great place to toss the keys, the mail, or your gloves when you return. 

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    Credit: Peter Pawlak Design Studio - 917.447.4099


  • Need a home office? A little-used closet is ideal command center for a home-based business. This tucked-away office features an inexpensive desk ($100 to $300) as the main work surface. If things get messy, you can simply close the door. Chalkboard paint ($15 per quart) surrounds the door frame for quick don’t-forget messages.

    Credit: Fort Interiors

  • Discover even more ways to store your stuff:

    7 More Storage Solutions You Didn’t Know You Had


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  • Like our slideshows?
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  • inventing-an-alcove
  • calling-all-walls-give-us-space
  • gaining-by-subtraction
  • divided-and-conquered
  • youre-so-vanity
  • doing-your-home-work
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  • Image: Flea Market Trixie
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  • Image: Peter Pawlak Design Studio
  • Image: Groovy Elisa
  • Image: Peter Pawlak Design Studio
  • Image: Fort Interiors