Hurricane Isaac’s high winds and slow trek through southeastern Louisiana have caused extensive outages with 409,000 customers without electricity early Wednesday morning.

Isaac’s slow crawl along coastal Louisiana parishes caused high winds and rain squalls to continually pound southeastern Louisiana throughout the night. The storm’s high winds are lingering in south Louisiana, causing the restoration process to be delayed. Crews are not able to hit the streets in full force until the winds are below 30 mph.

“Isaac is testing everyone’s patience with its slow movement through south Louisiana,” said Bill Mohl, Entergy Louisiana, LLC president and CEO. “We are ready to mount a counterattack to Isaac’s onslaught just as soon as the weather conditions allow us to do so.”

Entergy has more than 4,000 company and contract workers ready to respond to Isaac’s aftermath. Very early assessments found a range of rebuilding and restoration challenges, including debris damage, downed power lines, and significant damage due to trees falling on equipment and taking down power lines.

“Isaac is not done in Louisiana,” Mohl said. “It continues to move through the state with its high winds causing power outages in its wake. We’ll start restoring power where and when we can and move resources across the state as needed.”

When power is out:

  • Stay away from downed power lines and flooded areas.
  • Don’t walk in standing water.
  • Don’t venture into areas of debris since you may not be able to see a power line that could still be energized and dangerous.

Source: Entergy Corporation