When high winds, tornadoes, or hail hit your home, it’s smart to check for signs of permanent damage. Look for these six signs of wind-related trouble:

  • New cracks in walls, especially walls near windows and doors. Cracks larger than a quarter inch or more are a sign walls may have shifted or settled.
  • Exterior foundation cracks or changes in the levelness indicate foundation issues have arisen.
  • Plumbing problems like leaks around the water heater or water softener. Flush your toilets and turn on all your water faucets, then check your pipes for leaks.
  • Water stains or yellowing on your ceilings over the next few weeks — clues that the roof was damaged.
  • Gutters that have pulled away or are no longer sloped correctly. 

If you home was hit by hail:

  • Check patio covers, screens, windows, and soft aluminum roofs for damage.
  • Examine roof shingles (use binoculars if you can’t safely climb a ladder) for holes or dents.
  • Go over vehicles looking for dents and broken or cracked glass.

If you find hail or wind damage:

  • Cover any broken windows and holes in your roof, as well as any broken glass on the car, to prevent further damage.
  • Report your insurance claim as soon as possible; no matter what the level of damage.
  • Take pictures before you make any temporary repairs.
  • Keep receipts for any temporary repairs you have to make because your home owners policy may cover those costs.
  • Do a reference check on any contractor you hire to repair your home. Fraudsters working home repair scams typically follow the path of storms.

Source: The Allstate Corporation