What MacGyver did:
The question is: What didn’t he do when a paper clip was within reach? MacGyver hotwired cars, picked locks, disarmed missiles, and everything in between.

What you can do:

  • Unclog spray bottles. Unbend the paper clip and use one end to clear tiny clogs in your perfume bottle, lotion pump, etc.
  • Pit cherries. Unfold a paper clip at its center, insert one hooked end into the top or bottom of the cherry. Once you feel the pit, lift it up and out.
  • Reach tiny “reset” buttons inside electronics. Unfold and use the end to poke away.
  • Temporarily replace a broken zipper. Untwist a small paper clip and slip the end through the zipper hole, twist it back, and unzip.
  • Pick a small lock on a jewelry box, screen door, or a basic center key bathroom door. Untwist a paper clip and slip the end inside the lock. Then jiggle it to open the locking mechanism.