Rethink Your Hallways

Need to store more in your bathroom? So did Tim from the DIY blog, Marty’s Musing. To solve his overflowing paraphernalia problem, he moved a bathroom entrance three feet into the narrow 1940s hallway and carved out wall space for built-in shelving:

Bathroom Doorway Storage
Image: Marty Walden at Marty’s Musings

Storage Gain
The change required him to build a new doorframe and install a new door, but here’s what he gained:

  • 3 sq. ft. of additional floor space.
  • Bathroom access to the hallway closet (since its entrance was included within the new square footage.)
  • Extra wall space for built-in storage.

Tim built the shelving using bead board and wood. To see how it was done, check out his tutorial

Project Costs

Tim’s wife Marty says they spent around $150. This includes the doorframe, new doors (the closet door got an upgrade, too), and the materials for the built-in shelving.

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Behind-the-Door Shelving

Vanessa from Tried & True came up with a smart storage solution for her kid’s room:

Kids' Room Bookcase Storage
Image: Tried & True

Storage Gain

She created narrow, floating bookshelves — that take up no space at all — behind her son’s bedroom door out of decorative molding. If you do the same, consider adding a doorstop to prevent dings and scratches when the door opens.

Vanessa’s tutorial includes a compete list of materials and tools needed for this project.

Project Costs

Estimated total is around $75. Price depends on the number and width of your shelves.

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Double-Duty Window Seating

Jessica, the blogger from Four Generations One Roof, says building a window seat that includes storage doesn’t need to be expensive.

1. She used scrap wood left over from another project.

2. Instead of buying expensive hardware and hinges, she and her father made wooden cleats to prevent the seat lid from slipping and make it extra sturdy for sitting. 

Here’s the finished product:

Window Seat Storage
Image: Four Generations One Roof

Storage Gain

The window seat gave her family room around 6 cubic feet of additional storage. To see how they built it, check out the tutorial.

Project Costs

Jessica says she spent around $100. This Includes the value of the scrap wood, and the fabric used to upholster the seat.

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A Home for Oversized Dishes

KariAnne, the blogger who pens Thistlewood Farms, used strips of wood and decorative molding to create the frame. She based the rack’s dimensions on the size of her plates.

DIY plate rack to display oversize plates Image: Thistlewood Farms

Storage Gain

Since her finished project is 6 feet tall and more than 3 feet wide, she gained around 20 feet of storage space.  To see how KariAnne cooked up this project, check out her tutorial.

Project Costs

Plan to spend around $100. The actual price will depend on the size of your project and the type of molding you choose.

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