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‘Gangnam Style’ Christmas Light Shows Popping Up All Over

A home in Texas and one in Australia ring in the holidays with the Korean pop hit that holds the record as the most watched video ever on YouTube.

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Christmas light display set to Gangnam Style by Psy

This home in Austin, Texas, has Christmas lights that blink in sync to the mega-hit "Gangnam Style." Image: John Storms

Two homes are lassoing in the holidays with outdoor light shows set to the Psy mega-hit “Gangnam Style.”

We’re not sure who got their Christmas lights up first, but both homes are known for their yearly holiday lighting displays that blink in sync with popular tunes. And we’re quite sure a few others are going to show up before the season is done. (If you know of any others, we’d love it if you’d post them in the comments below).

First up is a video posted by “WorldsBestXmasLights:”

This home in Western Australia features a display that uses 41,000 bulbs, 2,000 light channels, and 1.24 miles of cable (!!!). It took 200 man-hours to set up this rocking display, not including the 90 hours spent programming the LED holiday lights to sync with the music. Locals can catch this light show every evening for 3 hours.

No worries that the electric bill might dampen this home owner’s holiday spirit. Since all the lights are LEDs, it’s only costing an extra $10 per week to finance this festive project. That’s a heck of a lot less than the hundreds of dollars per hour spent to brighten these extravagant home holiday light shows.

The second video is by a merry home owner in Austin, Texas, whose light shows can be found on his Facebook, YouTube, and Tumblr pages, called “ListenToOurLights.”

This guy saves money by taking advantage of post-holiday sales in order to stock up on LED lights. (Here are more tips on stringing Christmas lights to save time and money.)

Know of any other cool lights shows this season? Perhaps a show in sync to Justin Bieber’s “Baby”?

deirdre-sullivan Deirdre Sullivan

is an NYC-based writer who’s obsessed with maximizing every inch of her urban dwelling. She’s a former fashionista who has worked for Lucky Magazine and InStyle. She recently traded her high heels and Fashion Week pass for a drill and bandsaw. Follow Deirdre on Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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