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The Best Home Security Money Can Buy … But Who Really Needs a Helipad?

If you’ve got a few million dollars, you can buy the world’s safest home. But for the rest of us, these 7 home security tips help us sleep at night.

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Safe home in exclusive Hollywood Hills Sunset Plaza

This Hollywood Hills home claims to be the safest in the world, complete with a helipad on the roof. Image: Hurwitz James Company and Broker Bob Hurwitz / Doyle Terry (photography)

For just $5.9 million, you could be the next owner of the world’s safest house — an 11,000-sq.-ft. home in the Hollywood Hills area of Los Angeles. It features two panic rooms, two bedrooms that can be sealed off from the rest of the house, and a heliport on the roof.

If you’re a 99 percenter whose housing budget won’t stretch that far, try these seven tips for improving your home security:

  • An outdoor solar-powered motion sensor light spotlights anyone approaching your home and saves energy compared to a traditional motion-sensor light.
  • Home security system installation and monitoring costs vary a lot from company to company, so to make a smart choice, get quotes from a local and a national company and consider DIY options, too.
  • A home security camera gives you peace of mind while you’re away from home and costs. Add a web cam and remote access to your computer for about $30 and you can go online to see what’s going on when you’re not home.
  • A home office security check tells you if you’re at risk of losing vital documents, business equipment, or pricey office equipment.
  • Get protection when it counts: build a tornado storm shelter or safe room in your home for around $3,500.

Would you ever put a panic room in your house?

Dona-DeZube Dona DeZube

has been writing about real estate for more than two decades. She lives in a suburban Baltimore Midcentury modest home on a 3-acre lot shared with possums, raccoons, foxes, a herd of deer, and her blue-tick hound. Follow Dona on Google+.

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