What’s to Love About Toilets?

Dustin Kruse next to his new dual-flush toilet Four-year-old Dustin Kruse is obsessed with water-saving toilets. Smart kid! Image: Kohler

This 4-year-old’s obsession with toilets is, to put it mildly, inspiring. Will he inspire you?

Kids can become fixated on all kinds of weird things, but 4-year-old Dustin Kruse has the right idea — he loves Kohler’s line of water-saving toilets.

In fact, he’s so obsessed with them that his parents took him to the Kohler Design Center, which is like Disney World for this little loo lover.

His unbridled enthusiasm inspires us to inject a bit more enthusiasm into our own home projects that we’ve been neglecting. So that begs the question:

What part of your home could use a little obsessing?