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HouseLogic Spotlight: Bargain Babe’s 8 Money-Saving Tips to Go Green

Save money and Mother Earth with tips from a babe: Bargain Babe.

Recycling, growing your own vegetables, and going solar are all good ways to save money and go green. Images: Getty/iStockphoto/SolarCity

Going green means spending beaucoup bucks on scratchy toilet paper, heirloom tomatoes, and vinegar-based anything. Right?

Half-right, says Bargain Babe blogger Julia Scott in her post “Being Green IS Frugal.”

We agree.

Buying organic food, makeup, and alternative energy sources can make big dips in your budget. These are good ways to be green while saving money.
Bargain Babe should know. She’s a famous savvy saver—you can also see her on AOL’s WalletPop—who embodies the idea: Save a dollar here, grab a coupon there, and pretty soon it adds up to lunch.

In her go green/save money blog post, she and her readers wax excited about a bunch of fabulous tips:

  • Trade clothes at swap sales to save up to 80% off retail prices.
  • Donate items to charities where they earn a second life, and earn a tax deduction.
  • Recycle cans, bottles, and newspapers. Did you know you can make a lot of money from recycling electronics?
  • Eat vegetarian meals more often. Protein from eggs and vegetables is so much cheaper than meat, and leaves a smaller carbon footprint.
  • Switch to solar power on a budget. Many companies lease solar panels for zero down.
  • Turn pantry items into beauty products: Grapeseed oil moisturizes skin and a spritz of green tea closes pores.

And in the summer months:

  • Line-dry clothes in the sun.
  • Grow vegetables and fruit at home or in a community garden. But watch out, it’s easy to spend more on a garden than what you would pay in the grocery store.

We’ll visit Bargain Babe on a regular basis for more strategies, coupons, and inspiration to save on everyday purchases.

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