A DIY Solar Heater for Garages and Sheds

A DIY solar heater made from soda cans You can make your own solar heater with some aluminum cans, an old window, and some insulation. Image: David Quilty and The Good Human

Here’s a way to make heat when the sun shines to warm up your garage or shed.

Garages and sheds are bears to heat, unless you spend a lot of money extending your HVAC system. So we’re so glad to have stumbled upon a post from The Good Human that shows how to turn an old window frame and a case of soda cans into free solar heat.

Basically, you sandwich aluminum cans (painted black) between the window glass and some insulation. Drill holes in the frame and cans and place in a sunny place. Air is sucked into the frame, heated by the sun in the cans, and blown out the top as warm air rises. You can direct the heat into a small space like a garage or shed with dryer venting attached to a window shim.

Voila! So long as the sun shines, you’ve got heat.

I plan to dumpster surf for an old window and give it a try.