Deceptively Easy Ways to Get the Stainless Steel Look

Appliance Art's faux stainless steel appliance film
Image: Appliance Art

Our “Why You Should Fake It” series continues today with bright ideas so you can get the stainless steel look at the price of a cheap dinner.

Yesterday, we showed you how to get the look of cedar shakes for the price of vinyl. Today, we’re telling you how to steal the stainless look and give your appliances an instant upgrade.

We get that stainless makes everyday cooks feel like restaurant chefs. But stainless also adds a couple of hundred dollars to appliance prices and shows every fingerprint. 

Getting the Stainless Steel Look

Not so with Appliance Art’s faux stainless films and magnetic panels, which can cover two or three old appliances for less than a C-note and are easier to de-fingerprint than real stainless.

Rolls of faux stainless steel film ($49.99-$99.95) are made of polypropylene and PVC. The backing has a low-tack adhesive so you can apply and reposition the film easily. Just cut the film to the size of your appliance door, and smooth it on. But make sure the doors are totally clean and divot-free, because the films are unforgiving and show imperfections.

Magnetic panels ($39.99-$69.95) are made only for dishwashers. Each has a faux stainless film attached to a magnet backing -- so make sure your dishwasher door is magnetic before ordering. Trim to fit, and pop onto the face of your dishwasher. 

Rachel Ray featured the products during a recent show.

Come back next week when our “Why You Should Fake It” series spotlights fiberglass garage doors that mimic mahogany.

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