Thinking of Retirement? Make the Most of It with Universal Design

Bedroom with Universal Design features Universal design is all about features that make sense, no matter how old you are. Image: Korn Interior Design / Liliana Korn Custy, ASID, CAPS

When planning for retirement, remember your home is your castle. Make it work for you with universal design.

The latest “Best Places” list from U.S. News and World Report, “The 10 Best Places to Retire in 2012,” is out and it lists some unexpected cities. Ithaca, New York?

But it also brought to mind another topic: universal design. Here at HouseLogic, we often refer to it as ageless design, a moniker we crowdsourced with you, our readers.

The term refers to common sense features you can include in your home — smooth floors with no uneven spots, walk-in showers, contrasting colors, and lots of light — that are helpful no matter what age you are.

Even better, universal design adds beauty and function. Take a spin through our new slideshow to see if you can spot the universal design features. We bet you’ll be surprised that the features aren’t nursing home-like. Let us know how you do on our picture challenge! 

So if the list of Best Places to Retire has you planning a new retirement home — or if you’re thinking of staying put in your current home — we heartily suggest becoming more familiar with ageless design.

What do you think of universal design? Do the features appeal to you?