Universal Design For Old and Young Alike

Grandfather and grandson together Incorporating universal design into your home is beneficial for kids and seniors alike. Image: duncan1890/iStockphoto

One of my favorite HouseLogic slideshows showcases beautiful ways to incorporate universal design into your home.

When we created it, we keyed into the concept of aging in place, a trend I’m happy to see is growing — especially after I read a post about kid-friendly bathrooms at one of my favorite parenting blogs, Parent Hacks.

Here’s the epiphany: Universal and aging-in-place design also helps families with small children.

Parent Hacks’ list of how to make your bathroom kid-friendly overlaps greatly with universal design. Here’s one nugget I’ve embraced:

“Consider adding a hand shower. Not only are hand showers great for rinsing shampoo off little heads, they’re less intimidating for older kids transitioning from baths to showers.”

So if you’re not ready to think about aging in place, but you’ve got small children, it makes sense to pay attention to universal design features.

What kid-friendly household hacks have you found?