Updated LED Bulb is a Looker

Phillips A19 LED light bulb The new Phillips A19 LED looks better than previous bulbs, and it's about 20% more efficient as well. Image: Phillips

Say hello to an updated LED light bulb that saves energy and looks good.

It’s sleek, and bright, and continuing the evolution of LED lighting. The updated Phillips A19 LED is the company’s newest 60W-equivalent lamp with a new design that covers ugly cooling fins and the yellow remote phosphor, which made previous LED bulbs look so industrial. So now, the bulb saves energy and is pretty to behold.

The new A19 LED, which uses a similar design to the Phillips Hue bulb, consumes 11W of energy while producing 830 lumens of light, making it about 20% more efficient than the previous generation of the bulb.

The bulb ($25) is being sold in two color “temperatures” — soft white and bright daylight.