45,000 Kawasaki Drills Recalled: Burn Hazard

Recalled Kawasaki drill Trigger switches on these Kawasaki power drills can short and burn consumers. Image: CPSC

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled 45,000 Kawasaki cordless drills that pose a burn risk.

Forty-five thousand Kawasaki cordless drills sold at Costco stores nationwide have been recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission because trigger switches can short and burn consumers.

The drills were made in China and imported by Alltrade Tools of Long Beach, Calif. So far, Alltrade Tools has received 33 reports of incidents, including one minor burn injury. The drills were sold at Costco stores from May 2011 through February 2012 for about $50.

If you own a recalled drill, stop using it immediately and register for a free drill, including shipping. Consumers shouldn’t return the drill to Costco.