Hillary Clinton Confesses She’s a Home Improvement Junkie

Hillary Clinton Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's favorite home improvement show is "Love It or List It." Image: U.S. State Department

Seems like Hillary might prefer a hammer to the Oval Office.

Hillary Clinton is a kindred spirit. Like us, she loves home improvement shows.

“Maybe I’ll get a decorating show,” she said in an op-ed piece in the New York Times last weekend when asked what her next move might be if she’s not going to run for President.

That comment apparently led to a discussion about her favorite TV shows, which turned out to be about home buying and home improvement.
So which show is her favorite?

“Love It or List It,” she says. Each episode features fed-up home owners who are on the fence in regard to keeping or selling their home. While the current residents are making their final decision, they get to look at potential new houses while a team of home-improvement professionals rehab their present abode.

So why is it her favorite show?

Because there’s always a happy ending, she says. “I find it very calming.”

We couldn’t agree more.
Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton’s current role as Secretary of State doesn’t leave much time for her to watch her favorite shows. But at least we know what’s on her DVR: The same stuff as ours.