Pardon, Madam, Your Chainsaw Needs Polishing

Fendi chainsaw art sculpture San Francisco artist Peter Gronquist created this chic chainsaw. Image: Peter Gronquist

A chainsaw for you one-percenters.

Sure, you’ve got great taste. And when it comes to cutting down trees and pruning branches, it’s trés important for you to preserve your personal fashionista brand.

Have we got a chainsaw for you.

It’s plated in gold (like you had to ask) and features the famous Fendi marquee so your friends and neighbors will have no doubt that you’re cutting edge.

It’s the creation of San Francisco artist Peter Gronquist, whose other works include a Chanel grenade launcher and a full-size gold Gucci alligator (stuffed, BTW). His pieces typically sell for $3,000 to $10,000.

If your tastes in landscaping tools are more modest, you can get a gas-powered chainsaw with a 16-inch blade for $130 to $200. That should see you through most cutting chores.

However, if you’re inclined toward the very finest things in life, be sure to check out our slide show of over-the-top home improvements.

As the French proverb says: It is impossible to overdo luxury.

But Aristotle counters: In all things, moderation.

What do you say?