Circular Saw Blades Recalled: They Can Fall Through Packaging

Recalled circular saw blades Irwin circular saw blades are being recalled — they can fall through the packaging and hurt you. Image: CPSC

CPSC is recalling 55,000 packages of circular saw blades that can fall through packaging and cut consumers.

More than 55,000 3-packs of circular saw blades have been recalled because they can fall out of plastic packaging and cut you.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Irwin Industrial Tool Company have recalled the Classic Series Circular Saw Blade 3-Pack, made in China and sold at Lowe’s stores nationwide.

Irwin has received three complaints of blades falling from the bottom of packaging, although no injuries have been reported.

If you own the 3-pack of blades, don’t pick them up, and call Irwin: (800) 464-7946. The company will send you a free storage container for the blades.