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The Best Time of Year to Buy Things for Your Home

When to look for sales on mattresses, appliances, tools, furnishings, and materials.

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Buying stuff can be stressful. Cheap out and you could regret it. Overspend and you'll cut into your budget. Knowing the best time of year to buy appliances and other household items can lessen the anxiety.

Here's a list of the best time of year for sales:

Furniture: January and July

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You could save 10% to 60% if you buy furniture in January, July, and holiday weekends. That's because online retailers and stores with doors are preparing to introduce new styles in February and August.

Floor samples especially often sell for a song, so don't hesitate to ask.

Storage Essentials: January, February, and July Through September

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In July through September, you might find bundled storage solutions or discounts on home organization systems , as stores combine the back-to-school season with late summer sales. (No offspring? No problem. Proof of parenthood isn't required to qualify for deals.)

Post-holiday sales kick in during January and February, when retailers want to clear out remaining stock. You might find discounts of 15% to 30% on general storage solutions. That makes it a great time to find a home for all those holiday gifts and meet your organizing goals for the New Year.

Linens and Towels: January

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Department store "white sales" have kept their long-term popularity with retailers and their customers. In January, you can find 40% to 70% savings on linens for your bedroom and bathroom. We're talking about a wide range of products, including sheets, bedspreads, duvets, towels, and bathmats.

Major Appliances: January, September, October, and the Holidays

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The prices on this year's appliances bottom out when they become last year's models. Except for refrigerators (more on that below), you can pick up last year's models for way less in September, October, and January, when stores are preparing for new styles and inventory. Keep in mind that if you're ordering appliances online, inventory isn't an issue and wouldn't affect the timing of sales. Online retailers typically offer lower prices throughout the year because they don't pay sales commissions and space rental.

For good deals on this year's models, wait for Black Friday and the holidays. The season rivals inventory clear-out bargains as the best time of year for sales on appliances. And if more than one appliance is on the fritz, holidays are often the time to find incentives for buying multiple items.

Mattresses: February, May, September

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The best times of year for sales are February (courtesy of Presidents' Day), May (Memorial Day), and September (Labor Day). The Fourth of July is another possibility, but the discounts may be lower. You can also find mattress sales on Prime Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday.

Mattress-in-a-box retailers may have showrooms where you can check out — and try out — various mattresses before ordering online. Online brands may expand their sales schedules, so they tend to have more frequent sales and steeper discounts, according to Sleep Doctor.

Refrigerators: May

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The best time of year to buy a new, full-size fridge is May because of the yearly rebate and discount offered by Maytag, owned by Whirlpool. Another good time to buy is during the first quarter of the year, because most brands introduce new models in the spring, and retailers put their older models on sale beforehand.

Snow Blowers: February

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Snow blowers are most deeply discounted at the end of the season — specifically February, says "Consumer Reports." Even if you don't need a new one for surprise late-season blizzards you'll be set for next year.

Vacuums: March, April, and May

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New vacs debut in June, so last year's models go on sale in March, April, and May — just in time for spring cleaning.


Roofing: Late Winter Through Early Spring

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Roofing contractors are often busiest during late summer and early fall, because homeowners are pushing to get work done before the end of fall. That means you can get lower prices and off-season discounts in late winter or early spring.

You'll want to do some homework on roofing material grades and prices and discuss the project with a professional roofing contractor.

Gas Grills: Early Spring or Late Summer

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The peak season for grilling is March through July. If you buy a grill then, you'll get the best selection, but maybe not the best price. If you buy ahead of the season or at the tail end, retailers are expecting new models and you'll likely get juicier deals but less selection.

Discounts also pop up in conjunction with summer holidays, like Memorial Day, Labor Day, and immediately after the Fourth of July.

Lawn Mowers: February, March, September, October

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Retailers typically offer deals in February and March, before demand starts to build. In the fall, they're clearing space for the winter season and prepping for next year's models, so you'll have a second shot at savings.

Perennials: October

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If you want to plant more perennials, your budget will thank you for waiting until October. That's when garden center retailers are selling their inventory in an attempt to beat the winter freeze. The discounts are typically 40% and sometimes as much as 50% to 60%.

Power Tools: June and December

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Father's Day and Christmas are prime time for power tool gift giving. But other savings opps occur on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Labor Day, and President's Day. During these sales events, you can save 40% or more on power tools, hand tools, batteries, and various tool accessories at big box stores and online retailers like Amazon. Keep an eye out for online sales. Sometimes brick-and-mortar stores offer online promos because of space limitations.

Paint: October, November, December, January

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You'll probably pay less for professional services and supplies during off-peak seasons. For paint, that means late fall and early winter, when demand is lower.

HVAC: Spring and Summer for Furnaces, Fall for AC

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Just like with snow blowers, the best time to buy furnaces  is when you don't need them — in the spring or summer. Furnace installers won't be in such high demand, so they'll likely lower their rates. Plus, you won't face a nonfunctioning furnace when the temperature drops.

You can save money by replacing your air conditioning in the fall, when you'll find better deals on units and contractors.

Flooring: December and January

Dining area with herringbone flooring and tiled fireplace

You can get clearance prices on flooring between December and mid-January. The tricky part is that installation works better in the spring and fall, when open doors won't be as uncomfortable, you can get better ventilation, and the temperature is more moderate. So, consider buying and installing at different times.

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