Street Paved With … Toilets?

A sidewalk in Bellingham, Washington, paved with toilets The Pottycrete sidewalk incorporates more than 400 crushed toilets in its eco-friendly cement. Image: City of Bellingham

When you remodel your bathroom, don’t throw away your old toilet. Encourage your city to recycle it into a walkway, like Bellingham, Wash., has done.

Ever wonder what you can do with your old toilet instead of adding it to the landfill, where it will stay for bleeping ever?

You can get your town to grind it up and repurpose the porcelain into a pedestrian walkway, which is what Bellingham, Wash., has done.

The “potty sidewalk,” as natives lovingly calling it, is part of a six-block revitalization plan with an eye on sustainability. The city also is using such green elements as porous pavement and LED street lighting.

Does a toilet sidewalk sound icky to you? Or do you think this is a good way to recycle?