A Tale of Two Types of Neighbors and One Messy Yard

A South Carolina woman with a messy yard learned how neighbors can ruin your day — or save it. What’s your take?

Ah, neighbors. They can drive you nuts, or save your day.

That’s what a South Carolina woman learned after she was thrown in jail for keeping a messy yard.

Apparently, Linda Ruggles fell on hard times and let her Mount Pleasant yard become a neighborhood eyesore — piles of shingles sat on her roof and scrap metal littered her driveway.

Ruggles said she was doing her best just to pay the mortgage and avoid foreclosure, with no funds left over for completing home maintenance tasks.

Now, we get that a messy home in disrepair can hurt neighbors’ property values, so we completely understand why some neighbors complained to the city, which in turn fined Ruggles $480.

But when the city threw Ruggles in jail for failure to pay that fine, the situation grabbed the attention of some other neighbors who decided to take matters into their own hands.

So when Ruggles was released after six days in the slammer, those neighbors offered to shingle her leaky roof, clean her yard, and perform other repairs to get her place back in shape.

Problem solved.

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