Stink Bugs Return: How to Prepare Your Home Against an Infestation

Close-Up of Stink Bug | Protect Your Home Against Stink Bugs Stink bugs are back this year, and now they're migrating toward the Southeast. Image: Jayme Frye/Flickr

Learn how stink bugs take refuge in your home and the steps you can take to keep them at bay.

Remember last year’s stink bug infestation that invaded homes and damaged the Mid-Atlantic’s apple crop?

Theeeeey’re baaack.

And this year’s crop of stink bugs is migrating from eastern Pennsylvania to the Southeast, where fruit growers and agriculture officials are scrambling to mount a defense against an Asian species that has no natural predators in the U.S., according to today’s article in the Washington Post.

The “stink” in stink bug refers to the rotten cheese-like odor they emit when threatened or squished. It’s an odor that can linger and make your home a smelly place to be.

When temperatures drop, stink bugs like to warm up inside homes and even next to sleeping humans.

That’s when you can get them with a Bugzooka, the bug sucker-upper we told you about last spring.

Did stink bugs invade your home last year? How do you plan to get rid of them this year?