Squirrel Panics in Home, Then Leaves Without Even a Good-bye

Here’s a great video of an amazing squirrel. Next time, give the poor thing a parachute.

Poor squirrel!

Somehow a fluffy tail wandered into a high-rise apartment and wreaked kitchen havoc as it tried to get out. Take a look at this video, and make sure you watch until the end.

Squirrels love to take up residence in home attics and crevices. Here’s how to get rid of squirrels who decide your home is the perfect B&B.

  • Prune trees and shrubs, so branches are at least 5 feet away from the house.
  • Shut doors and windows, so they don’t wander in.
  • Seal holes in siding and screens.
  • Cover vents with stainless steel mesh.