I Want My Hour Back!

Alarm clock in bedroom We turn the clocks forward an hour this weekend — how will you get that hour back? Image: Andrew Steinbrecher

We’ve started a list of home maintenance time-saving tips to help grab back that hour we lose every spring. Check ‘em out, and add yours to the list!

Every spring, we turn the clocks ahead one hour and say goodbye to 60 minutes we really can’t afford to lose.

A minute saved, however, can make up for the minute lost. So we’ve been thinking of ways to shave a few moments off tedious home maintenance tasks and make up for the hour we lost.

Here’s what we’ve come up with so far. Add your suggestions in the comments!

1. Spread pre-emergent herbicides on garden beds to hold down weeds, saving you some weed-battling time. Tip: weed after a good rain, when they’ll come up faster and easier.

2. Mow only your front yard this week. Letting your back yard grow another seven days won’t kill the grass, and you’ll save a few hours.

3. Instead of cleaning your paintbrushes and rollers after a project, store them with paint still on them in airtight plastic bags. They’ll stay moist for about a year and be ready for quick touch-ups.

4. Save mucho minutes by painting rooms with a combination primer-paint, which saves you hours and gallons.

5. Replace, don’t wash, furnace filters.

6. Instead of scrubbing the microwave, boil a cup of water for a couple of minutes in the appliance, and let the steam loosen the grime. Then wipe clean.

We’d love to hear how you’ll shave minutes off home maintenance tasks. Comment quickly, cause time’s a-wasting.