How to Pressure Wash Your House the Right Way

Plus 2 other mistakes you could be making.

During the dog days of summer, don't make things muckier.

Stop making these common home maintenance mistakes.

#1 Stop Using the Pressure Washer at Full Force

When doing your home's end-of-summer power wash, the higher the water pressure the better, right? Nope. Excessive pressure can force water under siding, peel paint, and damage wood.

Instead, turn the spray as low as it can go to still get the job done. Then angle the washer down, and clean with gentle, side-to-side motions.

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#2 Stop Putting Mulch Against the House

A house with a tidy perimeter of mulch looks great, but it can put your home at risk for bugs and mold. To keep your curb appeal without inviting termite and water damage, place a layer of brick or stone between your house and the mulch.

#3 Stop Storing Produce on the Counter

There's nothing more appetizing than bowls full of garden-fresh goods on the counter. But it comes at a price: bugs.

While fruit flies are annoying, ants and roaches are full-on worrisome once they're in your home. And they are TOUGH to get rid of. Refrigerate all the produce you can — and if you must keep it out to ripen, pop it in the fridge as soon as it peaks.

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