These New Homes Focus on Keeping Germs Away

A living room in a Well home Germaphobes and health-conscious homeowners will both be clamoring to move into a wellness property. These homes boast features that zap bacteria, ease tired feet, and give you a dose of vitamin-C in the shower. All images in this post: Delos Living

Does your home have your back when it comes to your health? A new certification in housing safeguards homeowners from impurities in everything from tap water to dirty shoes.

We’re tickled by an offshoot of the sustainable housing movement that makes occupants’ health the No. 1 priority. Called wellness properties, these homes earn props by incorporating features, like vitamin C-infused shower water and ergonomic flooring, to protect health in the way that green-certified properties protect the earth.

This proprietary Well Building Standard is exclusive to properties developed by New York City-based real estate company Delos Living. (Deepak Chopra is on the advisory board!)

So what exactly makes these homes so crazy healthy? Here’s a short list of the wholesome stuff aimed to please health-conscious homeowners, as well as persnickety germaphobes:

  • An air-purifying system that sterilizes airborne nasties, like viruses, bacteria, dust mites, and mold spores, while controlling humidity to deter fungal and microbial growth.


  • Healthy entrance technology that includes a doorway walk system that traps dirt and moisture from shoes and objects that come in the house.
  • A UV water sanitizer that uses ultra-violet germicidal irradiation to zap microorganisms without chemical-based filtering.

    water sanitizer

  • Healthy surfaces, including nonporous kitchen surfaces designed to prevent icky bacteria growth, and photo-catalytic coated walls that break down bacteria, viruses, and VOCs when exposed to light.


  • Forgiving floors that include a cork underlay aimed at reducing the beating your feet and back take from walking and standing.


  • Acoustic damping elements, such as ultra-quiet appliances and windows that eliminate noise from outside.


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Although good health is priceless, living in a Delos home that dotes on your well-being will set you back at least $15 million. That’s the starting price for one of the five Well properties being built in New York City.

Luckily for you and your budget, we’ve got a whole bunch of simple, healthy ways to make your current home a safe haven:

  • Avoid using materials with toxic ingredients.


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