Mum and Dad Pamper the ‘Do It For Me’ Generation

Things are topsy-turvy in Great Britain. Aging parents are helping their adult kids with home maintenance chores instead of vice-versa.

The pamper-your-children ethos is backfiring in Great Britain, where adult children are still relying on parents to perform common home maintenance tasks, including changing a light bulb and switching a fuse.

Recent research by British insurer Aviva says more than half of parents with “kids” between 20 and 40 years old are still being asked to perform home maintenance and improvement work. Parents even are forgoing their own leisure time, and postponing their own home maintenance chores, to rescue their children.

Consequently, the study says, “vital home improvement know-how is being lost through the generations …”

Top tasks that Mum and Dad are asked to perform:

  • Assembling furniture
  • Hanging fixtures

Here’s the best: If parents didn’t agree to help, 42% believe their kids would leave the tasks undone, and 40% believe their children would pay a professional to do work they never learned to do themselves.

More eye-popping findings:

  • 30% of parents say they do home work for their kids more than 10 times each year.
  • Parents spend on average about $500 annually on materials for their children’s homes.
  • 18% sacrifice time with their partner to help their adult kids.
  • 81% of parents think they were more capable of handling home maintenance tasks at their children’s age then their kids are now (and whose fault is that?)